As a member of our College Planning Network, you are provided many benefits that are not offered by CPA’s and High School Guidance Counselors. In fact, many CPA’s and Guidance Counselors have become members as well so they can receive these same insider strategies (developed by certified college planners) that have worked for thousands of parents and students across the country.

Step 1: Plan
How do we determine the best schools for our child?

Step 3: Pay:
How do we afford and pay for our child’s education?

Step 2: Package & Prep
How do we help our child get accepted to the schools of their choice?

Step 4: Peace of Mind
How can we pay for college without sacrificing our other financial goals?

We work with you to create your own College Action Plan customized specifically to your family’s needs. We have proven strategies to significantly reduce your child’s tuition bill…strategies that most parents don’t even know exist.